Hello people of the internet, my name is Gaby Hasham, and I’m a 21 year old Durham graduate from Devon (but you probably know that already if you’re reading this, but you know what about all you new readers who have found this blog on some cool travelling website or article hmmmm??) I knew when I left uni that I wanted to have a sort of gap year, to find out who I was outside of education and to go on some adventures. Its also given me a lot of time to think about the future and what I really want from life. What’s it all about? Whats it for? What makes me excited? scared? and most of all what makes me really HAPPY?? Well, like most of the human race i don’t know the answers to most of those questions but i hope to find out more about myself and what makes me tick on this trip. If anything is going to give me the key to living my best life its got to be the happiest places on earth right? So please sit back and enjoy while i ramble on about what i find interesting, upsetting or amazing during my journey from Norway to Denmark and the people I meet and befriend on the way. But equally i may be having far too much fun to write anything, in which case i’ll let you know how it was when i return to the UK….

P.s. Ive never blogged before or even written extensively since university so please look past any grammar mistakes or seemingly rambling pieces. There is no plan, just 100% unfiltered Gab, straight onto the internet. You’re welcome world.